I’ve started to add some of my plays below. They are all released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license (cc by-sa). This license gives you the right to copy, share, produce, print (and do even more with) the below plays.

Attribute to Kyle Reynolds Conway & provide a link to this website.

Please do let me know what you’re doing with the scripts by posting below, sending me an e-mail, and/or providing a link to pictures, video clips or other uses of the plays. Enjoy! ~Kyle

The #2510’s Project

I spent 5 weeks writing 25 ten-minute plays. Read them here.

Ten(ish) Minute Plays

The Decision (Earlier Drafts: Revised Draft1st Draft)
Stars Old Man
The Constellation Minuet
The Man Who Became Sand
Lycurgus’ Labours Lost
Rainfall (coming soon)

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