The why of t-shirts

This is a great two-point encapsulation of a point Techdirt has been making for a number of years. That the opportunity presented itself in such an interesting way is yet another reason to read Techdirt. I don’t believe that they set out to be the news but they certainly generate their fair share of stories simply by being so strongly who they are. I recently received one of their earlier shirts highlighting copyright removals of region restricted content on YouTube that I very much enjoy. So if this type of thing appeals to you please buy responsibly.

At the very least, it actually gives us a platform to make our point: if he really wants to do so, he can absolutely go and make those cheap $5 shirts. But they won’t sell. Why? This is the whole point we’ve been trying to make all this time. The reason people buy shirts from us is because (1) they like the shirts and (2) they want to support Techdirt.

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